Nuove Rotte - La case Rotta - Sustainable Farming

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Company information:

Company Name: Nuove Rotte - La Casa Rotta
Owner Name: Stefano Vegetabile
Founded on: 2015
VAT No.: 03643480043
Number of employees: 2-5

Company location:

Via Oltre Tanaro 79, Loc. Carpeneta 12068 Narzole (Cuneo), Piemonte

Company description:

LaCasaRotta is an ecovillage under construction built from a "home project" and Nuove Rotte is a project of an agricultural agent.

In 2011 they purchased an old farmhouse to be restored with the intention of creating a place where a man could live in harmony and cooperation with nature, experimenting with new technologies and new skills to create a more sustainablepeaceful and different way of life.

They are a group of young people with skills in various fields: environmental, agricultural, cultural, gastronomic, artistic, architectural. Active people who create a public information space for exchange and knowledge, open, with an eye also turned to the regions of the territory.

Their aim is to demonstrate a choice for future generations and to create a bridge for the transmission of knowledge between different cultures.

The agricultural body instead consists of 8 hectares of land:

  • they cultivate a biodynamic vegetable garden, also using other techniques such as permaculture and synergistic relationships between plants;

  • an orchard mainly of peaches and cherries and apples;

  • fields used for the recovery of ancient varieties of wheat, corn, buckwheat, rye;

  • a part of the wood.